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Top Drones for Sale with 4k Video Camera

Quadcopters with 4k Video Camera

4 Quadcopters With 4K Video Camera Functionality

The popularity of aerial filming with quadcopters is ever on the rise. They provide a useful tool for any filmmaker, from the most casual hobbyist to serious indie production teams and more. With demand increasing, the call has been heard for even more quality. It might set you back around $1,000 for the time being, but the following 4 quadcopters with 4K video camera functionality will leave you with stunning high resolution footage the likes of which you might not even believe. Learn More About Quadcopters with 4k Video Camera in this guide.

1 - 4K Yuneec Q500 Model Quadcopter

Drone RankingRetailing for around $1,2000, the Q500 is from Yuneec, one of the most respected names in the drone world. With steady, intuitive controls, and a wide array of included accessories such as batteries, extra propellers, and a nice aluminum case, you have all you need right out of the box. The firmware is even sure to be fully upgraded upon arrival.

2 - 4K Chroma CGO3 Model Quadcopter

The Chroma CG03 is an easy to fly drone with roughly the same price point as the Q500. It even features an anti distortion lens if you're not a fan of the fish eye look from most other drones. You can expect to fly this drone for up to 30 minutes at a time. As you'd hope for at this price point, everything you need is included right in the box.


Learn More About Quadcopters with 4k Video Camera

3 - 4K Walkera Voyager 3 Model Quadcopter

If you're looking to pour even more money in, the old idiom that you get what you pay for just might ring true with the Walkera Voyager 3. It will set you back around $2,000, but for that price you can expect fantastic high quality 4K filming. The camera even has a retractable and removable three-axis gimbal.

4 - 4K DJI Phantom 3 Model Professional Quadcopter

Finally, you should definitely check out any quadcopter from DJI. The Phantom 3 is especially recommended. At around $1,400, this model also features a stabilizing three-axis gimbal alongside digital streaming and stable flight for easy in-door use.

With any of the 4 quadcopters with 4K video camera functionality listed above, you should have all you need to get amazing aerial footage. You can use them for smooth, sweeping shots with incredible detail and clarity. Save your pennies how ever you can and get ready to enjoy some of the most invigorating filming experiences possible!